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Robust L3 Switch

Compact switch with resiliency for locations without controlled environments, such as factories and railways. Output port and security sensor enable remote network monitoring. It can be optimized with an optional L3 license as a core switch in small networks, such as factories.


  • sfp_4port
  • 10_100_1000t_24port


Heat Resistance Supports temperatures of -10~+60°C and would be ideal in sites with no air conditioning.
Operational Administrative The SD Card Boot feature reduces failure recovery time/cost by automatically downloading configurations and firmware from SD memory card.
System-log is always registered into the device. System-log is registered even when the unexpected power-off is occured, so registered log can be seen after a failure.
Management software(HCLManager, ApresiaManager etc.) enables graphical operational administrative.
Eco-responsive Cutting-edge LSI technologies promote eco-responsibility by enabling low power consumption and support conformance with recognized standards, such as RoHS. The BoxCore Solution also reduces total power consumption and space requirements, so important to data centers. Apresia5412GT-HRSS provides FAN-less type solution for meeting room and office room such as required silent situation.
High Reliability and Flexibility Ethernet Ring Protection (MMRP-Plus) achieves 200msec fast failover and flexible network design regardless of topology, for example triangle, square, and ladder. The loop-watch feature detects network and local loops. APRESIA PQ (priority queue) mapping identifies sensitivity not only to CoS/ToS/DSCP but also to L2 through L4 headers.
Scalability The versatile L2 switch can be upgraded to a L2/L3 switch with an optional L3 license, thereby reducing network costs.
Related products Model Name Applicable Products
SD memory card (2Gbyte) HC-SD2G-A01 5412GT-HRSS/DC48V/DC110V
SD memory card (1Gbyte) HC-SD1G-A01
SD memory card (512Mbyte) HC-SD512-A01
Software license L3LICENSE (one device per license) * HL-A5-L3-LICENSE
  • * If the license will not be enabled, the device will work as L2 switch.
Interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX -
100BASE-FX 2 (Port 9 or 10)
10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T 8
1000BASE-X 4(SFP)
1000BASE-X/10GBASE-R -
Management Port -
Performance SW Capacity 24Gbps
Throughput 17.8Mpps
Packet Buffer 1M
No. of MAC Addresses 16k
VLAN Port Based VLAN Yes
802.1Q TAG VLAN Yes
No. of VLANs 4094
Protocol VLAN Yes
Stacked VLAN Yes
Layer3 Function (IPv4) No. of IP Interfaces 255
No. of Route Informations 4000
Unicast Routing Protocol Static, RIPv1/v2, OSPF
Multicast Routing Protocol PIM-SM,IGMP-Proxy
Redundant Protocol VRRP
Hardware Policy Based Routing Yes
Layer3 Function (IPv6) No. of IP Interfaces -
No. of Route Informations -
Unicast Routing Protocol -
Multicast Routing Protocol -
Redundant Protocol -
DHCP Server Yes
DHCP-Snooping Yes
Network Authentication 802.1X Yes
MAC Authentication Yes
WEB Authentication (supports SSL) Yes
Gateway Authentication -
Multiple Authentication per port Yes(802.1X/MAC/WEB)
Dynamic VLAN Yes(Multi VLAN per port)
Authentication Page Redirect Yes
Local DB Authentication / Force Authentication Yes
User Policy Control -
Packet Filter
Max. No. of Lines 1792
L1 to L4 Control Yes
IPv6 Yes
QoS No. of Queues (Priority Class) 8
Priority Control 802.1p/ToS
Scheduling SPQ/WRR/DRR
Condition Based QoS Yes
Bandwidth Guarantee per policy Yes
Bancwidth Limit per policy Yes
Bandwidth Control Packet Filter Limiting Yes(64k granularity)
Egress Shaping Yes(64k granularity)
Multicast Filtering IGMP-Snooping v1/v2
IGMP-Snooping Proxy Yes
IGMP Querier Yes
MLD-Snooping v1
Flooding Control Frame BC/MC/DLF*5
Action Limit/Shutdown
Loop Storm Protection Loop-Watch Yes
Layer2 Redundancy 802.3ad Link Aggregation Yes(Static, LACP)
Multi-Chassis Link-Aggregation(MLAG) -
Max. No. of LAG Group/Port 6 groups per unit/8 ports per group
MMRPv1 Aware only
MMRPv2 Aware -
MMRP-Plus Yes
Port Redundant Yes
Flush FDB Yes
Rapid-PVST+ -
Mirroring Port Based Mirroring Yes
Condition Based Mirroring Yes
Management SNMP v1/v2c
TRAP/syslog Yes
sFlow v4
Console/Telnet/SSH Yes
Web-based GUI -
RADIUS/TACACS+ Radius only
802.1ab LLDP Yes
SD Card Booting Yes
Virtual BoxCore -
Data Center 802.1Qaz DCBX/ETS -
802.1Qbb PFC -
802.1Qbg EVB -
Cut-Through -
FCoE -
Others Forwarding Path Restrictions Yes
Port Security Yes
Jumbo Frame Yes*9
Log for Blackout Yes
Hardware Width (mm) 288
Depth (mm) 275
Height (mm) 43.8
Weight 3.5kg or less(AC model)
Power Consumption (AC100V) Max. / Typ. *10 Max. 20W/17WW
Operating Temperature -10?`60??
Environmental Temperature Monitoring Yes
Noise Level*6 - (FAN-less)
Redundant PSU -
AC Power Supply 100?`120V±10%?i50/60Hz?j
DC Power -57?`-40V/88?`132V
DC Power Supply Yes
FAN less


Top Runner*13 Category name *3
Highest Effective Transmission Velocity *3
Energy Consumption Efficiency *3
Achievement Rate (Target Year)*4 *3
  • *1 Excluding power supply units.
  • *2 8 queues for unicast and 4 queues for non-unicast
  • *3 Excemption of Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy because of L3 switch.
  • *4 Achievement Rate of Energy-Saving Standard that was established by the Minister of METI.
  • *5 UC: Unicast, BC: Broadcast, MC: Multicast, DLF: Unknown Unicast.
  • *6 Measured noise with AC PSU according to ISO7779.
  • *7 Only Reflective Relay.
  • *8 With two PSU-200-AC-ER.
  • *9 Unable to perform L3 relay in excess of 1518 frame size.
  • *10 With 1518Bytes Unicast L2 frame, IFG 12Bytes, H-SX-SFP/R for SFP port, H-LR-SFP+ for SFP+ port.
  • *11 Mutual connection to PVST+ is not supported.
  • *12 NETCONF is partially supported.
  • *13 It is responsible for the display in Japan by the Rational Use of Energy Law.
  • * The specification is subject to change without notice.
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